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The New England Transportation Consortium
Research and Technology Transfer Story

NETC 94-2

Ground Penetrating Radar for bridge deck inspection; NETC 94-2

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NETC 02-6

Polymer/carbon-fiber/ground rubber-based bridge expansion joints; NETC 02-6

View Final Report (Phase 1)
View Final Report (Phase 2)
NETC 99-1

Bridge rail transitions for use on the National Highway System;
NETC 99-1

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   View Video NCHRP Report 350
NETC 97-1

Prototype for continuous measurement of de-icing salt concentration; NETC 97-1

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NETC 00-8

Geosynthetics in roadway construction; NETC 00-8

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NETC 05-5

Adhesion of topcoat paints applied to galvanized metal; NETC 05-5

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NETC 01-2

Use of the rapid triaxial test system in quality control of HMA production; NETC 01-2

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NETC 03-5

The field permeameter as a quality control tool for longitudinal joints in asphalt pavements; NETC 03-5

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NETC 00-2

A lab-field permeameter for quality control for HMA pavements; NETC 00-2

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NETC 02-8

Applying ITS to winter recreational travel; NETC 02-8

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NETC 00-4

The PFWD as a tool for setting roadway load restrictions;
NETC 00-4

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NETC 03-2

Chemical admixtures for protection against road salt induced corrosion in concrete bridge structures; NETC 03-2

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NETC 01-1

Expanding the use of Advanced Composite Materials in New England's transportation infrastructure; NETC 01-1

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NETC 03-4

Bacteria removal and survivability efficiency of stormwater hydrodynamic separator units; NETC 03-4

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NETC 04-2

Mitigating measures for workzone collisions; NETC 04-2

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NETC 05-6

Elderly friendly dynamic message driver information signs; NETC 05-6

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NETC 02-7

Impacts of inclement weather on traffic flow and integrated traffic signal operations; NETC 02-7

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AASHTO Meeting

Highlighting the Consortium's research at the annual AASHTO meeting

The New England Transportation Consortium (NETC) pools the financial, professional and academic resources of the region and uses them to research and develop improved methods of dealing with common problems in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction and operation of transportation systems in the participating states. The program is intended to supplement ongoing state and federal research activities.

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